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Your user research Swiss Army knife.

I joined the UsabilityHub team - a remote user research platform - in early 2017 as their first design hire to help them redesign the whole platform which is used by industry giants like Google, Amazon, Asana, and many more.

My biggest challenge was creating a refined experience, keeping every step simple & straightforward for new users while meeting the expectations of experienced users.

The best part of all that is, I was able to use the very tool I'm redesigning to test the new interfaces along the way.

First look at UsabilityHub, a usability testing tool for validating design decision.

To-the-point key visuals to support the message.

Plain visual language that allows white-labelling.

An example question from a test. UI sits back and help users focus on the content.

Simple yet resourceful building blocks to create tests.

We tried to keep everything self-explanatory and obvious.

All components play well together to form more advanced screens.

The app proactively informs you about the options you have and clearly indicates "what's going on?"

Simplicity of the UI prevents the app from getting too crowded and strengthens the sense of "control".

Easily recognizable iconography to visually communicate test types.

We made sure to carry the same approach to every part of the experience, even guides.