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Democratizing technology for short-term rental hosts.

I joined smartbnb - a fully distributed team, building the future of short-term rental industry - in 2018 as a product designer to lead the visual direction and improve the user experience of the platform that's heavily used by short-term rental hosts worldwide.

After spending my first 6 months improving the legacy version and learning more about the userbase & industry, I dived deep into building a new, consistent and sustainable interface which allowed us not only fix the known usability problems but also leaving enough room for new features yet to come.

I took on the web & mobile app, visual design and branding as a one-man-design-team, working closely with the CEO, engineering and CS team.

A first look at the dashboard, a welcoming screen that presents you a daily overview of your business at a glance.

Playful and bold branding, just like we wanted it to be.

A matching marketing website giving users obvious hints about the experience smartbnb offers.

Sustainable building blocks and solid visual hierarchy to keep the experience consistent across the app.

Simplified mobile experience without losing key functionality.

Detailed filtering system that allows users to segment their data and create shortcuts for later use.

Sleek calendar that allows hosts to manage the availability and pricing of their properties visually.

Proactive interface that aims to inform users where they need extra guidance.

Lots and lots of small details to make users' life easier.

A complete data visualization tool named "metrics" to help hosts make data-driven decisions.

Meaningful breakdown of data without any extra effort.

Interactable components to learn more about certain things whenever needed.