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Fake door testing to validate ideas.

Qoals is one of my side projects which started with a personal need: a simple & straightforward goal-based project management tool, then turned into something worth investing more time.

In a world bloated by productivity tools, I wanted to see if there is any demand for yet another project management tool first. I bought a domain, built a landing page and submitted it to producthunt, betalist and some landing page galleries to see one simple thing: will people sign up for a free beta? I used fake door testing and redirected the users who wanted to sign-up to a typeform, asking them some questions like the size of their team, the feature set they need, etc.

The results were better than I expected, I got over 3000 visitors in a few days and over 10% conversion rate without spending a cent!

Ability to see your goals within context, grouped under projects. Progress, timeframe and importance gives the users a clear insight about prioritization.

An example goal with a brief explanation, resources and tasks.

Users can simply add a goal by giving it a name, a brief explanation and selecting a timeframe and importance.

Qoals gives you ability to have a look at the workload and accomplishments of individuals in the team.

A birds-eye view of "what's going on?" lately.

Emojis are used with profile pictures to visualize different feed items.

No dark UX patterns, users can pause or cancel their subscription whenever they want.

A simplified mobile experience without losing functionality.

Ability to assign tasks to teammates.

An honest landing page, not trying to "sell" anything but simply giving a hint about what to expect.

Soft colors to help the key visuals stand out.

Resources are automatically branded with their favicon.