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Evolution of a company.

I was a part of Atolye15 - a close-knit team of designers & developers - for 4 years, leading the design team and crafting digital products for founders & companies from a variety of industries.

The challenge harder than shipping various projects was the process of transforming Atolye15 from a local player into a world-class design & development partner.

I've taken part in strategic decisions for high-budget projects, presented to stakeholders, talked in events and took responsibility in terms of outcomes.

Improved online presence and a better & organized website.

Clear introduction of who we are and what we do.

Always ready for conversation and inviting to get in touch.

We made sure to carry a consistent visual style for both digital and offline.

Including photo shoots which reflected the dynamism of the Atolye15 team.

40+ projects in a span of 4 years, working as the design lead.