I love solving design problems

As an UI / UX Designer, I love to design simple solutions for complex user problems in projects of any size. I emphatize with users, ask the right questions and test ideas to create the best experience available.


I helped UsabilityHub team redesign the whole UsabilityHub app, a usability testing tool. I dug through user data, made iterations, created prototypes and user tests to create a better experience. The hard work paid off as an increase in revenue, number of tests created and decrease in support tickets.


I helped monitera, a social media marketing company create a fast, easy-to-learn & use tool which will be used mainly by their agents to provide support through social media. I was as a design lead and worked on everything from low fidelity wireframes to finished product at Atolye15


I helped Eleman.net, the #1 job board for blue-collar workers in Turkey redesign their website. I was as a design lead and worked on everything from low fidelity wireframes to finished product at Atolye15


I helped O2V2, a cloud solutions company based in amsterdam design their brand new website as a design lead at Atolye15


Meet.in is a mobile app concept which helps people find professionals based on location to chat, meet and make connections easier. I worked as a freelance design lead and created wireframes, UI elements and prototypes.

Various works

I've designed a lot of websites and landing pages through the years, these are some of the selected examples.

More about me

I'm a 33-year-old, simple and fun guy with almost 10 years of experience in designing interfaces, currently living in Izmir, Turkey.

I mainly use Sketch to create wireframes and designs, Invision, Framer and Principle to create prototypes, Hotjar and Google Analytics to collect data. If I need to code some HTML/CSS, I use Sublime Text.

I generally listen to Spotify while I work, and share some pixels on Dribbble. I'm not much of a writer but if I got something to say Twitter and Medium is the place.

My full resumé is available at Linkedin and AngelList. If you have something to say, please don't hesitate contact me at ekremelms@gmail.com