I love solving design problems

As an UI / UX Designer, I love to design simple solutions for complex user problems in projects of any size. I try to emphatize with users and ask the right questions to create the best experience available.


I had the chance to design O2v2 Website, a cloud solutions company based in Amsterdam. Our aim was to simplify server customisation and management with a sleek attitude while keeping key information obvious.

Transport Office

With TransportOffice, I tried to keep it simple and design a highly usable transportation portal. Keeping so many data readable was a challenge but using basic design patterns worked seamlessly as always.


Publitory was an e-book writing, publishing and selling startup in Turkey. Designing so many pages with high functionality was a real challenge for us but after weeks of research and prototyping we managed to get it right. Unfortunately they discontinued.


Workin is a an app alternative to employee tracking systems. User onboarding is simple and the app has a fire & forget kind of experience.

Various Works

I've designed a lot of corporate websites and landing pages through the years, these are some of the fine examples of what I'm capable of.

More about me

I'm a 32-year-old, simple yet fun guy with 9+ years of experience, currently living in Izmir, Turkey.

I use Photoshop Sketch to create wireframes and designs, Invision or Framer to create prototypes for user testing, Hotjar and Google Analytics to collect data. If i need to write some HTML or CSS, I use Sublime Text.

I generally listen to Spotify while i work, and share some pixels on Dribbble. I'm not much of a writer but if i got something to say Twitter and Medium is the place.

My full resumé is available at Linkedin and if you have something to say, please contact me at hello@ekremelmas.com